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Big Pinocchio Doll Handmade Wooden Completely Movable Doll 11 inches

Pinocchio Doll Handmade Wooden Completely Movable Doll

  • Product Code: Pinocchio Doll Handmade Wooden Vintage Movable Doll
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This authentic wooden Pinocchio doll is made in the way Collodi imagined him in the story. He has notches with elastic strings at his joints, making them completely movable - elbows, knees and even the neck!

He can sit naturally in a chair with legs hanging down and wears authentic clothes. His jacket has one large button and he has a striped sleeping cap made from Geppetto’s socks. 

All the clothes are removable. He has red wooden shoes and an eternally happy face.

Pinocchio is made, like in Geppetto’s workshop, from a wooden log and carries a wooden “gold key”.

Your child can act out the Pinocchio story from beginning to end, giving them hours of joyful fun. Pinocchio Doll measures 11.4 in tall

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Tags: Vintage Doll, Wooden doll, Movable Doll, Handmade Doll


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