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Glockenspiel 15 Note Color Bells for Children & Sheet Music Cards

Glockenspiel 15 Color Keys with Songs

  • Product Code: Xylophone Note Color Bells Kit Glockenspiel Sheet Music Cards
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This WELL-TUNED 15 note kids xylophone will be the best musical toy and musical instrument for your child.

The metallophone includes universal sheet music cards with Letter-Coded Notation. Each Xylophone bar is labeled with the corresponding note.

 Your child will begin to play immediately. This perfect percussion musical instrument is the best way to develop an ear for music and rhythm.

kids glockenspiel

 The Sheet Music Set Adapted for Xylophone has 19 Kids Songs and Melodies. You can color the card circles according to the color of the glockenspiel keys and create your own Color-Coded kids visual.

 This glockenspiel is an important percussion instrument in any child orchestra, studio, or family band.

boy play xylophone

This kids xylophone is a great musical toy for boys and girls. 

Xylophone includes 2 mallets with rubber heads. The 2-octave glockenspiel has a wooden frame. Its length is 16.53 inches and weight 4.4 inches.

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