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25 Wooden Keys Xylophone, Soft Carrying Bag , 4 Mallets, 23 Songs

  • Product Code: Wooden Xylophone 25-note Carrying Bag
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This chromatic xylophone is a musical instrument with a gentle percussion sound and elegant in appearance.

    The light rosewood of the Xylophone creates a very warm sound. Check the attached video. Both octaves of this large xylophone are professionally pitched.

    Lightweight, easy-to-store, portable and flat, this musical instrument will bring joy to adults who have never played music before.

    This 25-note Percussion xylophone for adult and teen does not take up a lot of space, compared to a piano for example. It does not stress your fingers, as a guitar can. The xylophone involves your whole body.

    We recommend it for children and seniors as well. The large wooden xylophone will give joy but encourage fine motor skill activity also. The keys are large.

Most wooden xylophones are just a toy. This one is a serious professionally-tuned musical instrument. Some teachers do not allow letters on xylophones. So we offer 2 designs of wooden xylophones.

This one has no letters on its keys.

Size of this large xylophone 24x16x12 in and 2.8 in above the surface.

The width of the wooden key is 1 inch, thickness of 0.55 inches (2.5x1.4 cm).

It comes in a fabric bag. Size of the xylophone bag 26x20x14 in and 3 in above the surface.

The Xylophone includes 12 Color Cards with 23 Songs which allows learners to begin to play immediately.

These cards adapted for beginner xylophone players.

The glockenspiel has two pairs of mallets, one plastic, and one rubber, with handles of different length

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