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Orff Bass Xylophone with Resonator, 16 fiberglass keys, 2 pairs of mallets

  • Product Code: ORFF-XL16C-1AH
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Big wooden resonator block 32 x 23 x 14 inches. 16 fiberglass keys and 4 mallets are in the set. The visual appeal and unusualness of the instrument arouse great interest in all children. These classroom instruments are specifically designed to assist children to develop their musical capabilities.

The xylophone bars are tuned to A=440 standard and are also overtones tuned. Includes CDEFGABCDEFGA and F# B# bars. A special box attached to the xylophone safely stores up to three chromatic bars. The other bars can be placed in a protective bag and stored inside the xylophone. This xylophone has 4 slots on the side for mallets. The set includes a special cloth bag with a slot for storage of each of the bars and mallets.

The bars are easy to place and remove on the body so that you are only using those that are necessary. The retaining pins on the xylophone are made of durable and extremely flexible material. This large xylophone is suitable for kids and adults and is a perfect addition to your Orff instrumentarium. An elegant, durable and long-lasting oak veneer is inside and outside. All wood surfaces are protected with a safe and natural varnish. Long-lasting fabric cording provides the cushion between the bar and the resonator box and won't dry out as typical rubber tubing does.

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