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Glockenspiel Xylophone 15 notes, 34 Easy Play Songs

  • Product Code: Glockenspiel 15 notes Sheet Music Booklet
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15 note Xylophone with thick metal keys (4 mm) that lies on special soft rubber support, creating a very long and clear sound. This glockenspiel is a professional metal xylophone for an adult but you can use it as the best educational tool for kids also. Glockenspiel set includes 8 Color stickers with kid-friendly pictures will help young students (3-6 years) remember note names and their place on the musical staff. Your child will begin to play songs using the pictures right away. The Xylophone Bell kit set also includes a 24-page sheet music book with letter and picture notations. There are 12 kids songs in total with letter, picture and classic note symbols. Children can begin to play immediately, learn to identify notes and recognize their sounds in solfège naming and alphabet note names.

All music and solfeggio teachers know that the xylophone is a good start for music education and they always recommend getting one.
This musical percussion instrument develops rhythm, a musical ear, and fine motor skills.
Also, the xylophone stays in tune regardless of usage.

Anybody who can’t read music will find this kid’s xylophone with sheet music easy to play.
Kids will begin to play immediately by pictures and letters.
Every song was adapted for the newbie - just 8 notes (one octave).
We made our visuals large and as simple as possible.

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