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Glockenspiel 12 notes - 34 Easy Play Songs - Stickers

  • Product Code: Glockenspiel 12 Grey Keys
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13 note Xylophone with thick metal keys (4 mm) that lies on special soft rubber support, creating a very long and clear sound.

An 8 Color Sticker set is included. The Xylophone Bell kit set also includes a 24-page sheet music book with letter and picture notation. There are 12 kids songs in total with letter, picture and classic note symbols.

Color stickers with kid-friendly pictures will help young students (3-6 years) remember to note names and their place on the musical staff.

Put stickers on the keys for the main octave (from C to C) and your child will begin to play songs using the pictures.

Children can begin to play immediately, learn to identify notes and recognize their sounds in solfège naming (DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO) and alphabet note names ( C, D, E, F, G, A, B)

The book which comes in the Xylophone Learning set has been written for one octave with ordinary “adult“ musical notes and symbols.

Everybody, even very small children and tone-deaf adults, can play these songs with the included visual aid.

No musical knowledge or special explanation needed. You can use the easy xylophone song book and stickers for playing the piano or melodica. There are also 12 cards with 23 additional letter coded songs included in this educational music set.

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