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Large Xylophone 25 Notes Full Chromatic from G to G Tuned

  • Product Code: Large Xylophone Chromatic Tuned
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The glockenspiel is the professional size and has 25 NOTES, allowing kids and adults to play any popular song and making it ideal for more advanced players.

LARGE xylophone with a big and sturdy wooden stand. You need more space at home, but your kids will feel like real musicians. Beginners will easily be able to strike the notes because the bars are not very close to each other.

The big glockenspiel has 2 OCTAVES from G to G. This metallophone is recommended for children above 6 years old, teens or adults.

This metal xylophone has 2 note colors, which makes it easier to play and have clear sounds.

The hard wooden base protects the music instrument. The glockenspiel comes with a black textile STORAGE BAG and 10 card set with 19 letter-coded songs for this xylophone.

The xylophone includes 12 cards set with 23 letter-coded songs for this xylophone.
These paper cards include 23 funny children songs adapted for kids who do not know notes.
This percussion musical instrument develops not only the ears but gross and fine motor skills.
This kid's glockenspiel offers a wider range of notes and delivers a pleasing and wondrous playing experience.
Size:18,5x13.8x2 inch.

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