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37 Key Chromatic Xylophone on Metal Stand, Carrying bag

  • Product Code: 37 Bars Xylophone on Stand
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The xylophone on a stand overview

  • 37 keys made of fiberglass, 0.6" thick. Keys are fixed on two sides. The width of the key is 1 inch, thickness is 0.55 inches.
  • The big xylophone is tuned in scale C major. This xylophone for adults and teens has great workmanship and tonal quality.
  • 33" high metal stand is universal and is suitable for any xylophone or keyboard. The xylophone sits on top of the stand and does not require screws.
  • This chromatic xylophone has 22 keys on the bottom row and 15 flat keys. Two plastic mallets 15" long are included in the xylophone set.
  • The size of the xylophone is 40 * 20.5 * 9 * 3 inches. The size of the package is 45 * 25 * 8 inches. The weight is 44 lb.
  • This large xylophone includes notes of three full octaves from C5 to C8

More about the xylophone with fiberglass keys

Size 42x23x7 in and 2.8 in above the surface. The stand height in a folded position is 31 in.

The xylophone has 37 keys made of red wood. This percussion instrument sounds pitch-perfect. The keys are large and suitable also for kids and seniors as well. Comes in a fabric bag. This xylophone has a unique, softer, longer-lasting, tender, and relaxing sound because its keys are made of the same material as that used for Orff xylophones.

The width of the wooden key is 1 inch, thickness of 0.55 inches (2.5x1.4 cm).

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