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37 Key Chromatic Xylophone on Metal Stand

  • Product Code: XL337AH
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

  • 37 keys made of fiberglass, 0.6" thick. Keys are fixed on two sides. The width of the key is 1 inch, thickness 0.55 inches.
  • The big xylophone is tuned in scale C major. This xylophone for adults and teens has great workmanship and tonal quality.
  • 33" high metal stand is universal and is suitable for any xylophone or keyboard. The xylophone sits on top of the stand and does not require screws.
  • This chromatic xylophone has 22 keys on the bottom row and 15 flat keys. Two plastic mallets 15" long are included in the xylophone set.
  • Size of the xylophone is 40 * 20.5 * 9 * 3 inches. Size of the package is 45 * 25 * 8 inches. The weight is 44 lb.
  • This large xylophone includes notes of three full octaves from C5 to C8

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