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32 Keys Glockenspiel Professional Xylophone with Stand, Bag, Rubber Mallets

32 Metal Keys Glockenspiel Professional Xylophone, Stand, Bag, Rubber Mallets

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Portable 32-note chromatic scale xylophone with great sound. Durable, large and stable. A great percussion instrument for school classes. Perfectly pitched, easy to use.

 The glockenspiel (all keys are metal) has 3 octaves. This xylophone glockenspiel is ideal for children who wish to learn to play properly and more complex melodies.

 Although the glockenspiel can be used by children, this actually can be used by adults to make music. It is recommended for children above 6 years old, teens or adults.

 This xylophone has non-removable keys, a wooden frame with metal keys. The metal keys are about 0.15 in (4 mm in thickness) and have a lovely, bright tone and make a crystal clear sound.

The xylophone structure includes a solid plastic frame, a metal stand and metal keys with great resonance. Also, you get a carrying bag for the xylophone.

The note name is engraved into the key. This percussion music instrument Xylophone will make a child into a musician!

Size: 22.5x13.6x1.2 inches.

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