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25 Wooden Keys Xylophone on a Stand - Chromatic Scale from G to G

  • Product Code: Wooden Xylophone 25 keys with Letters on Stand
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The xylophone on a stand overview

Chromatic wooden xylophone for kids and adults with stand and a lightweight storage bag.

The metal stand can be extended horizontally and vertically for the player’s comfort. The xylophone sits on top of the stand and does not require screws.

The xylophone has a letter notation printed on each bar. Keys are fixed only on one side.

The wooden xylophone with the stand is big enough. It is a musical instrument for professional players, adults, or children.

The wooden xylophone follows the standard diatonic scale (from G to G, semitone scale from A to G).

This xylophone for adults and teens has great workmanship and tonal quality.

More about the xylophone with wooden keys

This large wooden xylophone is a serious professionally-tuned musical instrument.

This chromatic xylophone has 15 keys on the bottom row and 10 flat keys.

The width of the wooden key is 1 inch, thickness of 0.55 inches (2.5x1.4 cm).

The size of the instrument is 24x16x12 in and 2.8 in above the surface. The stand height in a folded position is 31 in.

This large xylophone instrument is made of high-quality wood and sounds pitch-perfect.

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