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Tunable Tambourine 10 inch Plastic Drum Head

  • Product Code: Tunable Tambourine Plastic Drums Head Percussion
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This tunable tambourine drum is 10 inches in diameter. By tightening or loosening the drumhead you can adjust the sound of the percussion instrument.

This plastic tambourine features 8 tension lugs, and a top-quality drumhead which was made without harming any animals and is much stronger than lambskin and less influenced by air temperature.

Increased tension produced a higher pitched sound, whereas lower tension results in a lower pitched sound.

Use the included key to adjust the screws on the side of the tambourine. Turning the key clockwise tightens drum head and turning it counterclockwise loosens it.

There are 8 screws and it is important to tighten/loosen them evenly. A great musical instrument for adults, for church, for kids. Tuning key included.

There are 14 sets of metal jingles on the tambourine.
They are not tunable and should not be adjusted. All adjustments should be done to the screws.

Size: 10 x 2.4 inches. The percussion musical instrument comes in a craft box.
A great percussion for school classes and for the church choir too.
Perfectly pitched black plastic tunable tambourine 10 inches 1 row jingles, easy to use.

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