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Tambourine 8 inch Double Row Jingles

  • Product Code: 8 inches 2 rows tambourine
  • Reward Points: 700
  • Availability: In Stock

This tambourine 8 inch has 2 rows of metal jungles.

10 pairs of jungles that create loud cheerful sounds when the tambourine is shaken or thumped.

This musical percussion instrument is a great addition to your dancing, karaoke or jam sessions, church choirs, drum set.

This wooden tambourine will be comfortable for kids and adults.

This wooden tambourine with natural skin has gently curved edges and very light.

It's just the right size of the drum head tamborine for a jam session, a great addition to any ukulele or guitar.

Because of its 8-inch diameter, this handheld tambourine can be used by both adults and children, for any music or holiday events at home, work or school.

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