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Bongo Drums 6 in and 7 in, Bag, Tuning Key

Brand: DRUMS
  • Product Code: Bongo Drums 6 in and 7 in
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

  • Sturdy, portable and tunable double drum set. Bongos have an elegant frame made of natural wood.
  • The 6 and 7 inch drums are perfect for slapping and open-tone strokes. The bongos have a soft, not very loud sound, and a high pitch.
  • Great percussion instrument for beginners. The bongos produce a pure long-lasting rhythm.
  • This well-constructed Bongo set has 4 lugs per drum and a smooth arc shape. The Bongo lugs help to keep the hand drums tunable in any weather condition.
  • Such bongos is an excellent starter set, suitable for kids. But not a toy. Bongo drums involve the whole body in its vibrations, because you hold these drums between your knees while playing               
  • Please tighten the drum head gradually and evenly. Do not do one side at a time, as this can damage both the frame and the skin.
  • Specifications:
    1. Color: Natural
    2. Size:6" + 7"
    3. Legs: 4 of each
    4. Drum Head:Sheepskin
    5. Item Weight: 6 lb/2.8kg
    6. Package Size:17(L) x9(W)x 8(H) Inches.
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