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The Tamborine shell is made of birch, the drumhead is made of natural leather. Safe, No easy-to-lose nails, very light.

This hand held tambourine with drum head is very light, tight, and easy to hold in a kid hand.

The size of this percussion instrument 6 inches. The kids tambourine has 4 pairs of metal jingles.

Bonus, online e-book with sheet music and rhythmic notes for this small kids.

The Tambourine for kids is suitable for developing phonetic listening and a sense of rhythm.

This jingles tamburine drum musical instrument is great for students who are learning music.
This handheld tamburine is well made and easy to use. It is a great size for children's hands. An ideal addition to any party, dancing, concert, church choir, etc.

ATTENTION: the eBook (not on paper) is supposed to come by email.
You will receive the direct link to download it.

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