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Rainmaker Musical Toy - 8 inches Rattle Tube

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Original percussion instrument for kids. This plastic RainShaker produces the gentle sound of a water cascade - Soothing Sounds and a Colorful Enchanting sight.

This sound tube instrument is a great tool for developing a musical ear and ability, and for improving gross motor skills.

This rainstick adds a pleasant rustling sound to any family band and makes the child feel like a real musician.

The child can experiment with the various sound, notes, and rhythms that come from tilting and shaking the toy. This is an attractive percussion instrument and a bright colorful toy at the same time.

This soothing music toy is for children of all ages, especially for special needs children. The suitable length and weight for both children and adults.

Have hours of entertainment with this safe shaking toy!

This beautiful and colorful learning toy is well made and easy to use. It is a great size for children's hands.

Even though this tube toy is a noise maker, you will love it for its unobtrusive sound. Even grandparents will enjoy listening to this rainstick rattle. Even more, kids are fascinated by the constant movement and soothing sounds.

Size: 7.9x2 inches. The rain stick toy comes in a craft box.

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