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Color Diatonic Bells - 8 Note Musical Bell Set - Desk Bells Percussion Toy

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  • This diatonic desk bells set is sturdy for little ones, not easily broken. The handbells might be rather heavy for a small child
  • Compared to handbells, this percussion instrument has several advantages which allow it to make music of higher quality.
  • Also Handbells require much effort to make a clear sound. The clappers on the usual handbells are on spring coils, so it is very hard to get a constant tone. These metal bells are quite sturdy.
  • The music bell set includes a color and letter-coded card set with 23 songs adapted especially for this musical instrument.
  • The songs are well known, simple and easy-to-play. Your child will begin to play immediately.

Unique music toy instrument!
You can make your own professional-sounding color-coded music with this 8 note bell set.
Kids can play their music by responding visually to a color they see.
For this reason, it is a great learning toy to get kids’ hand/eye coordination going!
This diatonic bell set has a glorious sound.
While the younger children just like to make sounds with each color bell, the older ones actually can play melodies.
This musical instrument for children comes in a craft box.
Bell Size: Diameter 3.15 inches, Height 3.27 inch
Great tool for Music classes, for preschool or Montessori teachers.

Includes large cardboard card set with songs and melodies adapted especially for this Bell set and for small kids who do not know notes.

Our color chromatic scale corresponds to the chakra system. Each chakra is said to vibrate at a different frequency and is associated with a particular color and particular music note.

List of songs:
1. Hot Cross Buns
2. Are you sleeping?
3. Mary had a little lamb
4. The wheels on the Bus
5. Five Little Ducks
6. Old MacDonald had a farm
7. Do you know the Muffin Man?
8. London Bridge is Falling Down
9. Jingle Bells
10. We wish you a Merry Christmas
11. Brahms’s Lullaby
12. Ode to Joy
13. Happy Birthday
14. La Cucaracha
15. Acka Backa
16. The Mulberry Bush
17. Miss Mary Mack
18. A Hunting We will Go
19. Row, row, row your Boat
20. Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend My Shoe
21. Baby Bumble Bee
22. My Hat
23. Ten Little Fingers

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