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Black Maracas Plastic Shells, Wooden Handles, 10 inch

  • Product Code: Black Maracas 10in
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    These classic concert maracas and traditional natural noisemakers are fun and entertaining musical instrument, rhythm-making instrument.

    Hand maracas out as party favors or liven up your fiesta with the maracas as a decoration.

    This pair of plastic black color maracas are perfect musical addition for any dance or festival.

    These maracas are sturdy and designed for adult hand. The set includes 2 easy grip maracas in one package.

    Size of maraca: about 10 inches (26 cm) in length, the handle is 4 inch in length (11 cm) and shells are approx. 3.5 inches (9 cm) in diameter. This Pair of maracitos (Set of 2)

Percussion is a positive, healthy introduction to music. Rhythm is the foundation of all music making.

These maracas are a nice instrument for you to start in music, develops a sense of rhythm and music. The maracas are smooth and durable for years of playing. A great product for the starting and for experienced percussionist. Includes 2 maracas in a package.

Each maraca measures 10 inches long. Made of wood and plastic. Fine decorated fun noisemakers for a Fiesta!

We encourage all musicians to play with pleasure. This Pair of maracitos (Set of 2) produces a perfect, full chick-chick sound. Give these maracas musical instruments as party favors! Shake things up at any party! 

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