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8-note Color Desk Bell Set with Song Booklet

  • Product Code: 8-note Color Desk Bell with Song Book
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    The well-tuned colorful desk bell set includes a book with PICTURE-coded and LETTER-Coded Notes.

    Each child will easily begin to play songs using the pictures. Color cards and stickers with kid-friendly pictures will help young students remember note names and their place on the musical staff.

    Music 8 note bell set Includes a 24-page sheet music book with letter and picture notations. There are 12 kids songs with letters, pictures and classic note symbols.

    Children can begin to play immediately, learn to identify notes and recognize their sounds in solfège naming (DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO) and alphabet note names ( C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

    Play by pictures on stickers or pictured cards that correspondent to the 8 music notes. The same pictures are in the included sheet music book. Kids will begin to read music notation and play songs in a fun game.

This metal bell set is an ideal percussion musical instrument and a great music learning game. It is always tuned, brightly rainbow-colored and has a clear and rich sound.
This is a great educational tool for preschools, music studios, and learning centers.
The bell set with sheet music for beginners improves interaction with a child.
Each bell is color-coded and letter-coded. The name of the note is marked on each button:
red C (do) / orange D (re) / yellow E (mi) / green F (fa) / light-blue G (so) / blue A (la) / purple B (ti) / white (major) C (do).
Bell Size: Diameter 3.15 Inches, Height 3.3 inch. Box
Dimensions: 13*6.5*3.5 Inches 

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