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8-note Color Desk Bell Set with Sheet Music Cards

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This Well-tuned colorful desk bell set has the correct pitch for each note.

The lightweight desk bell set is well constructed and durable and has a child-friendly size and design.

It includes a letter-coded card set with 22 songs for an 8-note (one octave) musical instrument. You can easily turn it into a color-coded visual by coloring circles according to your bell’s colors.

The card set is universal and can be used for any musical instrument. The bell set encourages children's musical ear, cognitive ability, fine and gross motor skills, and creative thinking.

This metal chromatic bell set is an ideal percussion musical instrument for young kids. It is always tuned, brightly rainbow-colored and has a clear and rich sound.

This is a great educational tool for pre-schools, music studios, and learning centers.
This musical toy should provide much fun. Improves interaction with a child.
Each bell is color-coded and letter-coded. The name of the note is marked on each button: 
red C (do) / orange D (re) / yellow E (mi) / green F (fa) / light-blue G (so) / blue A (la) / purple B (ti) / white (major) C (do). 

Bell Size: Diameter 3.15 Inches, Height 3.3 inch.

Box Dimensions: 13*6.5*3.5 Inches

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