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Wooden Kalimba 10 Keys 12 Sheet Music Cards with 22 Songs

Wooden Kalimba 10 Notes with 22 Songs

  • Product Code: 10-note Thumb Piano Wooden Kalimba Instructions
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We recommend this kalimba as a musical instrument for children. This finger xylophone is a great chromatic addition to any kid band or orchestra.

Note letters are engraved on the kalimba keys, but you can use the included color stickers and additional note name stickers which are brighter and easier to read.

The mesh storage bag, tuning mallet, instructions, and sheet music card set will help you to learn to play this original musical instrument in no time.

Minimal pressure needed to produce sound from this finger xylophone 5.2
Size:6.7x4.7x2 in.
Box Dimensions: 9x7,5x3 in.

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Tags: 10-note Thumb Piano - Wooden Kalimba - Storage Sack, Note stickers, Tuning Hammer, 12-sheet music cards with 22 songs, Instructions


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