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Mini Hand Bell Set 8 Notes with 23 Letter-Coded Songs for Kids

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8 mini tuned metal hand bells are ranged from middle C to high C full octave. All handbells are color-coded and marked with a corresponding note on handles.

The inner rattling ball is attached with a coil spring. Small kids may try to pull on it, thus making the bell non-functional. Young children will adore these bells, but be careful with toddlers. While the younger children just like to make sounds with each color bell, the older ones actually can play melodies.

Handbells are suitable for children aged 5 years and over. This handbell set is perfect for home schools, teachers, at learning centers or during therapy.

The size of one bell: 4.1 x 1.93 inches, a handle is 3 inches long. The bells are all one diameter but have a chromatic pitch of the sound. These smaller bells are one octave higher than typical bell set.

BONUS:12 cards set with 22 letter-coded songs for this diatonic bell kit.

Each melody is written with color circles, representing the colors on the Bell

Half the size of the original Hand Percussion Bells. Twice as small as the original music bell and fits perfectly in a child’s hand.
Well-tuned and lightweight.

WARNING:Not for toddlers, as they might pull a coil spring and damage the bell.
Great Kids Musical Instrument. This metal hand bells Suitable for any Festival, Music Lessons, Church Chorus, Wedding, Family Party.
Color: Red Orange Yellow Blue Green Cyan White Purple. Material: Metal + Plastic.
Includes electronic (not on paper) e-Book with 15 children songs and melodies adapted especially for this Percussion Bell set and for small kids who do not know notes.
All handbells are color-coded and marked with a corresponding note and scale position on resin handles.

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