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Diatonic 8-note Multi-Color Musical Hand Bells with Buttons

  • Product Code: Handbells and Desk Bell Set 8-note Multi-Color instrument
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This diatonic 8 rhythm bell set is colorful and is an ideal instrument for your first family music lessons. Great tool for music study and music therapy. 

An absolutely adorable addition to any band or orchestra. A lot of church and senior choirs successfully use this simple and entertaining instrument.
This metal bell set has a wide range of uses: as a toy, it will provide endless fun, and as a musical instrument it will allow kids to immediately play by letter or color.

Play by letter, or color the cards' circles according to the bell color and play by colors. 
Box size: 14.5 x 7 x 4 inches.

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Tags: Handbells and Desk Bell Set - Diatonic 8-note Multi-Color Musical instrument for kids


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