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Ani Couni Chaouani Song for Recorder

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Flutes are a part of the Native American tradition.
Original instruments have from zero to 7 finger holes, and each flute master designs their own instrument in order to find their own unique sound.
Flutes, along with percussion instruments, were used for ceremonial and healing purposes.
These songs were adapted here for Recorder musical instrument.

The most difficult thing about playing Native American songs is their irregular rhythms. It might change several times during a song because rhythm is generally more important than melody. Songs for American tribes are traditionally a method of communicating with their ancestors and supernatural powers. Music is used to help grow a harvest, bring rain, bring victory in battle or cure the sick.

Music is seldom performed for its own sake and as a rule, the tribes tried to repeat sounds which were heard in nature (whispering winds, rain sounds, etc). That is why the rhythm prevailed and words were not so important. Some songs such as ceremonial or medicinal ones often were inspired by dreams. Here you can find traditional songs, handed down from generation to generation.

We write the note numbers above the notes because our sheet music is aimed at absolute beginners.Just follow numbers and enjoy.
Also, we add a QR code to each song. Follow the link and find this song on YouTube, so that you can listen to the rhythm before beginning to play.

Which recorders are these songs suitable for?

These traditional American folk songs can possibly be played on a Soprano recorder, and several songs can be played on an Alto model.

Table of Contents

1. Ani Couni. Arapaho Song. (Version 1)
2. Ani Couni. Arapaho Song. (Version 2)
3. Ani Couni. Arapaho Song. (Version 3)
4. Bebi Notsa. Creek folk song
5. Buffalo Dance. Kiowa folk song
6. Chippewa Lullaby. Chippewa folk song
7. Corn Grinding Song. Zuni folk song
8. Creek Duck Dance. Creek folk song. (Version 1)
9. Creek Duck Dance. Creek folk song. (Version 2)
10. Dust of the Red Wagon. Ute folk song
11. Eagle Dance Song. Algonquin folk song
12. Epanay. Sioux folk song
13. Eskimo Ice Cream. Inuit folk song
14. Happy Song. Navajo folk song
15. Hiya Hiya. Pawnee folk song
16. Ho Ho Watanay. Iroquois Lullaby. (2 versions)
17. Hosisipa. Sioux folk song
18. Hwi Ne Ya He. Presumably an Apache song
19. Happiness Song. Navajo folk song
20. Inuit lullaby. Inuit folk song
21. Kayowajineh. Seneca Canoe song
22. Medicine Song. Apache Song
23. Moccasin Game Song. Navajo folk song
24. Mos Mos. Hopi folk song
25. Muje Mukesin. Ojibwe traditional song
26. My Paddle. Folk song
27. Nessa, Nessa. Ojibwe Lullaby
28. O Hal'lwe. Nanticoke folk song
29. Okki Tokki Unga. Eskimo fishing song
30. Pleasure Dance. Choctaw folk song
31. Sioux Lullaby. Sioux folk song
32. Song of the Deer Dancing. Chippewa folk song
33. Song to the Sun. Zuni folk song
34. Uhe' Ba Sho. Omaha folk song
35. Wanagi Wacipi Olowan. Dakota folk song
36. Wioste Olowan. Dakota folk song
37. We n’ De Ya Ho. Cherokee Morning song
38. Ya Ya We. Wichita song
39. Zuni Sunset Song. Zuni folk song

Paperback : 46 pages
Dimensions : 7 x 0.1 x 10 inches

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