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This book consists of 2 sections.

The first, with the “3 Little Pigs” fairy tales. 

This game illustrates how any simple story or fairy tale can be accompanied by musical activity. The Three Little Pigs fairy tale with Musical Score written using the Orff music approach. Each event in this story is accompanied by music activity. 

Orff believed that each child should not be a passive listener, but an active co-creator. Not only can you and your kids play using a percussion instrument musical set, but also with any other musical sounds you can come up with.

The second part has games to be played with a tambourine. 

These games develop phonetic listening and kids rhythmic skills, which are required for reading and writing. 

Our tambourine book helps develop both by developing phonetic listening in children.

Children will play the tambourine to the beat of the music. Popular kids’ songs are written with an image of a tambourine and rhythmic notes at the word where they need to beat.

You can accompany the child with xylophone, piano, voice, etc. This great exercise develops phonetic listening, a sense of rhythm and the simple playing of a musical instrument.

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Tags: Percussion Games for Kids, The Orff approach, Fairy Tale with Musical Score, Rhythmic games with Tambourine


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