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Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Bells for Beginner Adults. 45 Traditional African Songs

African Songs: Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Bells

Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Bells for Beginner Adults. 45 Traditional African Songs: Play by Letter Paperback

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The xylophone is the most important traditional folk instrument on thecontinent, alongside the drum. Usually, African scales differ from Western ones. The African xylophonesmostly have 5, 6, or 7-note (pentatonic, hexatonic, heptatonic) scales, whileWestern instruments typically have a diatonic scale. Rhythm is the most distinguishing characteristic of African music and it alwaysprevails over the melody.

The songs in this book have been adapted and can be played on all models of popular woodenxylophone, metal glockenspiel (metallophone), or resonator blocks. Even asimple kids' xylophone will be adequate to play most of these songs.Some songs here have been simplified for beginners.

The same song played on a wooden xylophone and on a metallophone will result in very different sounds. Due totheir clear rhythmic patterns, African songs are an ideal material for any kind of musician.You will find both diatonic and chromatic scores. Some melodies have beenspecially transposed to a diatonic range to allow you to play them on themost popular models of xylophone, which normally do not have flat notes.

This book is aimed at those new to music and musical instruments and weput letter notation above the notes to make it possible for you to confidentlybegin playing.

Since African music assumes improvisation and variation, we recommendusing this sheet music only as a guide. The most important thing is to listenand repeat the recordings linked to the QR code, so you can listen to therhythm before beginning to play.


  1. Amawole. Song from Congo
  2. Askari Eee. Song from Tanzania
  3. Atadwe. Song from Ghana
  4. Banaha. Song from Congo
  5. Banuwa. Song from Liberia
  6. Bebe Moke. Song from Congo
  7. Before Dinner. Song from Congo
  8. Bilanga Na Ngai. Song from Cong
  9. o Che Che Koolay. Song from Ghana
  10. Coco Laye-Laye. Song from Congo
  11. Do Do Ki Do. Song from Cameroon
  12. Eh Soom Boo Kawaya. Song from N
  13. igeriaErile Baboye. Song from South A
  14. fricaFamba Naye. Song from Zimbabwe
  15. Funga Alafia. Song from Ghana
  16. Iro Ye. Song from Benin
  17. Kanzenzenze. Song from Congo
  18. Kokoleoko. Song from Liberia
  19. Kotiko. Song from Congo
  20. Kuya Mbio. Song from Tanzania
  21. L'abe igi Orombo. Song from Nigeria
  22. Makun. Song from Mali
  23. Manamolela. Song from South Africa
  24. Mayo Nafwa. Song from Zambia
  25. Mbele Mama. Song from South Africa
  26. Ning Wendete. Song from Kenya
  27. Noyana. Song from South Africa
  28. Obwisana. Song from Ghana
  29. Olélé Moliba Makasi. Song from Congo
  30. Plouf Tizen Tizen. Song from Algeria
  31. Sansa Kroma. Song from Ghana
  32. Sélinguenia. Song from Kenya
  33. Shosholoza. Song from South Africa
  34. Si Ma Ma Ka. Song from Ghana
  35. Si Si Kumbale. Song from South Africa
  36. Sindi. Song from Burkina Faso
  37. Siyahamba. Song from South Africa
  38. Siyanibingelela. Song from South Africa
  39. Stick Passing Song. Song from Uganda
  40. Tue Tue. Song from Ghana
  41. Umele. Song from South Africa
  42. Wa Wa Wa. Song from Congo
  43. Welcome Song. Song from Uganda
  44. Zimbole. Song from South Africa
  45. Zomina. Song from Togo

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