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Watch Me Play! A Self-guided Music Course for Children: Easy-to-Play 4 Beginners

Watch Me Play! A Self-guided Music Course for Children

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This book is for kids or adults who are absolute beginners in music. We tried to write it as simply as possible. That is why we use an “easy-to-play” visual aid so any beginner can play music quickly.

Neither kids nor their parents have to read sheet music or have a musical background. No previous knowledge is necessary. None at all.

Every song has a large and simple, color and letter coded visual, along with traditional sheet music. The instruction is designed so that children begin with simple circles and gradually advance to reading notes using sheet music. We try to make this transition as easy as a game, where children advance to higher levels themselves.

There are totally 22 songs and 3 options to help children to begin to play right away.


The player can first follow the circles and then repeat with the classic note symbols and staff. The helpful letters are always above the notes. 

There are 3 parts in this book. 
They are equal to 3 levels.

Level 1 
Songs that are played in one octave. All songs here appear twice: once written with circles and the next time with classic music notes. This will help kids remember the staff notes.
For example:
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Ver 1 - Circles

Mary Had a Little Lamb - Ver 1 - Notes

Level 2
In this part, you will find one version with both circles and notes, and a more advanced version of the song with notes and musical notation.
For example:
Hot Cross Buns - Ver 1 - CIRCLES
Hot Cross Buns - Ver 1 - NOTES
Hot Cross Buns - Ver 2 - NOTES (Here the player will play songs in a different key and learn to transpose.)

Generally, the version of the song written with sheet music is a little bit more complex than a letter-coded version. Such versions already have music notation such as rests or beams, etc. You can find an illustrated explanation of the notation at the end of this book.

Level 3
Here, the first two songs are versions of the same melody (different combinations of notes) written with circles and notes. This is important so that the beginner can see how the same melody can be played in different keys.
First of all, this book is addressed to newcomers to any keyboard instrument (such as Piano or Synthesizer). We offer 22 one-hand piano songs.
Also, it is a perfect self-training guide for children and beginner adults to mastering the challenges of percussion instruments such as kalimba, marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, or even color bell set.

Paperback: 59 pages
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.1 x 10 inches
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