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Play Xylophone by Letter: 22 Xylophone Songs for Kids and Adults

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Our sheet music is not for a specific xylophone, but it is universal and suitable for most 8-25 note xylophones.
This book is aimed at those new to music and musical instruments, whether child or adult. It allows for simple and easy learning that requires no previous knowledge of reading music.
The letter notation makes it possible for you or your kids to confidently begin playing. Our other books make it easy to play the xylophone with colored circle/letter notation. This book, however, includes classic note symbols so that students can begin to learn the reading of musical notes, including a musical notation showing note length, connection, etc.
Most songs in this sheet music book can be played within one octave on the xylophone using only 8 notes. Several songs need 1.5 or 2 octaves or a 10-15note xylophone.
This percussion instrument develops not only a musical ear, but also gross and fine motor skills, and cognitive skills such as letter recognition, matching, and patterns.

List of songs adapted for xylophone:

Part 1
Skip, Skip, Skip to My Lou
Humpty Dumpty
My Hat
I like to Eat (Apples and Bananas)
Cobbler, Mend My Shoe
Lost My Gold Ring
This Old Man
Baby Bumble Bee
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Cherry Blossom
Ring Around the Rosie
Rain, Rain, Go Away
A Ram Sam Sam
Little Jack Horner
It's Raining
Au Clair de la Lune
Debka Hora
My Bonnie
House of the Rising Sun

Part 2
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Alphabet Song

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