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Essential Mantras of the World: Piano & Keyboard for Adult Beginners

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The word “mantra” is derived from Sanskrit and simply means a sacred sound. Mantras are used in different traditions, from Hindu to Buddhist, Sikh to Jain.
We collected here the most famous and important mantras all over the world.
The most well-known mantras originate from the Sanskrit, Pali, and Gurmukhi languages. Here, we also include mantra-like prayers from the Christian and Islamic traditions.
This songbook is suitable for any keyboard musical instrument: piano, synthesizer, accordion, melodica, even for percussion instruments such as xylophone or marimba.

The sheet music in this volume can be used for either singing/chanting or playing on a musical instrument. After chanting a mantra over an extended period of time, you will achieve clarity of mind and a higher level of awareness. Also, we added a QR code to all songs. Follow the link and listen to the rhythm before beginning to play.

Mantra of Avalokiteshvara - Buddhism
Green Tara Mantra - Buddhism Tibetan
Healing Mantra - Buddhism Tibetan
Lotus Sutra Mantra - Buddhism Tibetan
Namo Budhaya - Buddhism
Namo Tassa Bhagawato (Vandana) - Buddhism Theravada
Om Ma Tri Mu Ye Sa Le Du - Buddhism Tibetan
Om Mane Padme Hum - Buddhism
Shakyamuni Mantra - Buddhism
The Medicine Buddha Mantra - Buddhism Tibetan
Ti-Sarana - Buddhism Theravada
White Tara Mantra - Buddhism Tibetan
La Illaha Illallah -Islam Sufism
Jesus Prayer - Christian
Asato Ma Sadgamaya - Hinduism
Gayatri Mantra - Hinduism
Govinda Jaya Jaya - Hinduism
Guru Brahma - Hinduism
Hare Krishna - Hinduism
Kali Durge Namo Namah - Hinduism
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra - Hinduism
Om Mata Kali - Hinduism
Om Namah Shivaya - Hinduism
Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah - Hinduism
Om Shakti Om - Hinduism
Shiva Shiva Shambho - Hinduism
Navkar Mantra - Jainism
Adi Mantra - Sikhism
Moola Mantra - Sikhism
Siri Gayatry Mantra (Ra Ma Da Sa) - Sikhism

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