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30 Easy Play Songs every parent or grandparent can play for kids Paperback

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30 Songs you can play for your baby immediately on any instrument you may have at home without any musical background.

Hi. Now you are parents. Or grandparents.

The second is much easier but does not free you from the duty of singing lullabies and other funny kids songs to your little ones.

Do you feel forced to sing them? It’s not easy, is it? Especially if you’re tone-deaf. Did your schoolmates study violin while you were playing hooky from music class? Now with the kids, you’re stuck and everyone expects you to be a lullaby singer.

Well, we have a solution for you.
If your only singing has been in the shower, let us help you become a real musician. And you can do it with any instrument. Even a toy piano, if it is tuned.

If you are a musician, this book is not for you. You can go play your instrument in an orchestra. Kids like simple music.
We offer your a guaranteed time-tested set of cool kids songs. These are famous kids songs (which you’ll recognize) and also some musical nursery rhymes thrown in.

What do you need for your musical success? Equipment for starters.

You instrument can even be jars with water. But for most songs, it’ll be better if they are somewhat tuned.

It could be any key instrument like a piano, melodica, kalimba, marimba, synthesizer, xylophone, glockenspiel, or a color bell set with 8 bells or more.
Drums, tambourine, castanets, and music rattles are also welcome.

The main argument for the idea of not being able to play in a band with your child immediately is I CANNOT READ MUSIC SHEET. Don’t worry! You don’t have to!

We made our pictures large and as simple as possible. You’ll easy play by circles. No musical staff or notes. Your listeners are not very critical and won’t know the difference. Kids are the best listeners in the world.

The sheet musics book has 2 parts:

Part 1. No musical staff or notes. Simply follow the circles with letters. To show the rhythm, we grouped the circles together. Every song in this section was adapted for the newbie - you - just 8 notes (one octave).

Part 2. Here you’ll see traditional musical notes and staff added. But don’t worry - the helpful letters are still there.


You will be able to begin to play right away if the keys of your instrument have letter notations on the keys (like kalimba or xylophone).

For other instruments, you just need to get and apply stickers with letter-notations. Just 8 stickers will be enough. Write the notes with a marker - A B C D E F G and C8.

Easy play songs were adapted especially for beginners.

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