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24 Color-Coded Songs for ChromaNotes Bell Set

24 Color-Coded Songs for ChromaNotes Bell Set

24 Color-Coded Songs for ChromaNotes Bell Set

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This book was written to help the absolute beginner, whether child or adult learn to play in a simple and easy way that requires no knowledge of reading music. If you are a beginner, playing by note can be difficult. It is easier to follow color-coded circles with note letters.

Just by following the color circles, you will sound like an experienced musician. Playing music can be as simple and enjoyable as a game. That is our goal: to give you what's necessary to play beautiful music while having fun.

We recommend the color bell set and 8-note color resonator blocks for your child's first musical experience.

There are 2 instruments that are best for beginners and most solfeggio teachers advise that it's better to begin not with a piano, but with a simpler and more accessible instrument.

Important! The color of the bells or resonator blocks must be the same as the color of the scheme below. The color chromatic scale in this book corresponds to the popular Chroma-Notes® color system.

C (Do) - Red

D (Re) - Orange

E (Mi) - Yellow

F (Fa) - Light Green

G (Sol) - Aquamarine

A (La) - Purple

B (Ti) - Dark Pink

C8 (Do) - Red

There are 3 levels in this book.

Level 1. Play by color circle. Each song here is written with color circles and letter notes inside. The circles are grouped by rhythm. The duration of the whole, dotted half, and half notes are depicted by the arches after the circles (2, 3, or 4 beats).

Level 2. Get acquainted with the musical staff. Learn the places of each note on a staff. No note durations (note length) here.

Level 3. Play by classic note on a musical staff. Here is the “adult” musical notation: clef, duration, rests, and connection of the notes, but the helpful color circles and letters are still above the notes.

Each song was adapted for the newbie, just 8 notes (one octave).

At the end of the book, you will also find simple puzzles that will make reading notes easier.

Author Helen Winter
Publishing Apr.18, 2022
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