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Absolute Beginner. Tongue Drum and Handpan Song Tutorial: Kids Songs. Even if you've never played before (Tongue Drum Sheet Music for Ultimate Beginners Book 5)

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Playing traditional music notes is difficult for people who have no musical knowledge. You need to know the rhythmic value of each note, its place on the staff, note duration, and its combination with other notes. To be aware of all this simultaneously demands music experience and advanced skills. Nevertheless, even if you have never studied music, you can begin to play complicated melodies, and also experiment with your tongue drum in a meditative way.

The steel tongue drum (aka tong drum, tank drum, gluck-o-phone, hapi drum, mandala, or lotus drum) and the handpan (aka hank drum, UFO drum, zen drum) are percussion musical instruments designed to help you focus on your feelings, sensations, and body. You don't need classical music training or knowledge of music theory to play them.

Table of Contents

- The Handpan
- The Steel Tongue Drum
- Main Differences between the Steel Tongue Drum and the Handpan
- Playing the Steel Tongue Drum
- Hand Playing Technique
- Play by Number

- Baa Baa Black Sheep
- Baby Bumble Bee
- Cock-a-Doodle Doo
- Five Little Ducks
- Fiddle-Dee-Dee
- Frog in the Meadow
- I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas
- It's Raining
- Little Jack Horner
- Old Blue
- One, Two, Three, Four
- Ring Around the Rosie
- See-Saw Margery Daw
- The Bee and the Pup
- To Market, To Market

- How to Read Music

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