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The Wheels on the Bus. Fingerplay to Develop Fine Motor Skills (Popular Action Rhymes, Songs & Fingerplays)

Enjoy and play the story about the wheels that go round and round, doors that open and shut, a horn that sounds and people who go up and down.
This is a perfect popular activity song for early learning. It is great for singing aloud, so it is good for developing fine motor skills using fingerplays.
Our book has more pictures than words in order to methodically introduce each movement and associate it with a spoken word.
We use two kinds of pictures:
1) pictures that tell a story or plot which can be discussed, and
2) pictures showing movements that will be repeated throughout the activity songs and rhymes. They are very detailed and have visuals for each gesture so it is not necessary to go back each time.
This book provides instructions for the hand movements but gives the child the space for their own sense of creation.
Kids can see, step by step and a slow pace, all gestures, try them and feel them. This gives them the chance to see themselves from the outside looking in, modifying when necessary to get it just right. This self-analyzing ability is an extremely important skill for their future lives.
Also we offer sheet music for Wheels on the Bus so you can accompany your kids, and play this melody on any kind of instrument including a toy one. It is easy to play for anyone!The melody has been simplified and now everybody will be able to play it without any previous musical

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