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FELTMAN – Felt board with Emotions

  • Product Code: FELTMAN face which depicts Emotions
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This felting board set consists of a flat flannelboard and felt details representing parts of the human face: hair, eyes, ears, nose, etc.

Your child can combine the various facial features to make a variety of facial expressions.

- For children aged 2-4 years. Will be useful to create different faces and for teaching the names of body parts and emotions.

- For 4-7 year olds, it will be interesting for children to be creative and to express particular emotional states: happiness, sadness, surprise, etc.Great learning of expressive language.

- An older child will be amused inventing different characters and stories to go along with them. This toy comes without a story book or step-by-step instructions so as to give the opportunity to be creative and to invent open-ended plays/scenarios. 

The toy, which allows children to imagine the stories themselves, will never be boring.

The set consists of the felt board measuring 8.27"×11.7" (normal sheet of paper size) and contains 17 felt details.

If it is stored carefully and doesn't get lost, it will serve your child for a long time and allow them to invent a new ways of playing. 

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