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Training Chopstick Purple

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This learning chopstick lets you learn to use chopsticks confidently and like a pro, even if it's your very first time in an Asian restaurant!

The Chopstick Helper assures the correct position for your fingers when holding the sticks. This dragon chopstick helper allows you to learn how to use traditional chopsticks quickly and effectively.

This beginner chopstick also develops manual dexterity and will be useful for those suffering from ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis) or recovering from a stroke.

The skills are acquired subconsciously, which means at a deeper level of knowledge. Usually, training chopsticks are for one individual user. It is not hygienic for more than one person to use it. This tool can be used with any type of chopstick.

Great to use as a learning tool for kids. Recommended for children over 7 years old, teenagers and adults. Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomer.

We spend many hours to create skill-trainers that can help our own children.

Remember to try the fine motor skill games in free eBook that will be sent by email after your order.

Scientific fact: eating with chopsticks trains your brain.

Scientists take a lot of interest in chopsticks.

First of all, they develop our fingers. According to Japanese scientists, when we eat with chopsticks, we use 80 joints and 50 muscles of the shoulder, forearms, palm, and fingers, as well as our brain. 

So eating with chopsticks not only develops manual dexterity but also trains our brain.

For many Asian people, chopsticks are an integral part of life.

Size: 3 ⅕ (L) x 1 (W) x 2 (H) inches.

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