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Spoon Grip Occupational Therapy Skill-Trainer for Kids Purple

Our spoon holding helper have passed psychological and teaching expert evaluations and have international quality certificates and patents.
1 pcs per set.

Thermoplastic Elastomer.
Size: about 1 ⅕ inch.

Skill-trainer for teaching children to Grip a Spoon Properly. Every mother knows that one of the first significant baby skills is holding a spoon.

Your baby will enjoy eating more when he/she is allowed to do it themselves. This requires knowing how to hold a spoon and use it right while eating.

This special spoon grip helper helps you to make the process easy and fun. Its shape is specially designed to permit only one possible finger position - the correct one. It lets the skills be acquired subconsciously.

The adaptive eating aid protects your child's fingers from being hurt by the spoon's rough edges. It can be used with a teaspoon as well as a small tablespoon. It's a great way to learn how to eat on their own!

This adaptive utensil recommended for right-handed children between 2 and 7 years old. This toy is specifically recommended by an occupational therapist. Good for ambidextrous children who write with their left hand, but perhaps use the right hand for eating.

We spend many hours to create the skill-trainers that can help our own children.
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