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Pencil Grip Writing Aid for Children with Large Hands Green (4851)

  • Product Code: Pencil Grip Large Hands Green (4851)
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  •   A unique pencil grip and great developmental teaching device for children are recommended by Pediatric Occupational Therapists. Best trainer to correct holding pencils or for improvement beginner's handwriting.
  • This pencil grip is a Writing correction device which makes your child's fingers hold the pencil (pen) correctly and writing comfortably.
  • There are 2 models of pencil grips. The smaller kids’ pencil grip is made for 3-5 year old children. If a child's hand is larger, order the larger pen holder for older children.
  • This is the only pencil grip that controls the angle of the fingers and provides the correct grasp which will last a lifetime. Great ergonomic tool for improvement kids handwriting.
  • This training pencil grip reduces stress from applying too much pressure when writing. With this pencil grip, the fingers stay in place better than with a normal soft pencil grip.;

 Color: Green | Size: right-handed kids w/large hands

This adaptive preschool pencil grip is intended for right-handed children and adults who have already become used to holding a pen improperly.

This writing aid can also be useful for children with disorders of fine hand motor skills or paralysis.


There is no need for an adult supervising the child, telling him how every finger should move, and controlling the angle between the pencil (or pen) and paper.
It's enough to show him once or twice how to use this pencil grip writing correction claw.

Writing Aid Pencil Grip reduces stress from applying pressure when writing and improves kids penmanship.

for children over 5 years old, teens.
1 pcs per set. Size: 2 inches.
The pencil grip helper is made of a gentler material: Thermoplastic Elastomer.
Because it is hand painted, each one is unique and the paint may wear off over time.

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