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Left-Hand Pencil Grip for Kids Handwriting - Green Fish (1728)

  • Product Code: Left-Hand Pencil Grip for Kids Handwriting 1728
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  • WRITE-IT-LEFT pencil grip writing aid has no counterparts in the world. The only Pencil grip that controls the angle of the fingers.
  • This Pencil Grip for children is recommended by Occupational Therapists. The correct Pencil grip reduces fatigue, joint strain, illegibility.
  • This kids PENCIL GRIP is a unique Writing correction device. It makes your child's fingers hold the pencil (pen) CORRECTLY and comfortable without any effort.
  • This TRIPOD pencil grip for LEFTIES can be used for correcting the writing skills of kids or adults.
  • This pencil grip writing claw helps LEFT-HANDED children to master the absolutely correct slant of the pencil and the correct finger position.

  • Color:Green

    If you want to master easy, fast and beautiful handwriting, you should learn how to hold a pencil (or pen) in the correct position.
    There is no need for an adult supervising the lefties kids, telling them how every finger should move, and controlling the angle between the pencil (or pen) and the paper.
    It's enough to show just once or twice how to use this kids trainer.

    The pen grip solves 3 problems:
    1. Clarity the child learns to write clearly and beautifully
    2. Speed the child learns to write quickly
    3. Fatigue the hand doesn't tire when writing for a long time.
    Pencil grip reduces stress from applying pressure when writing.

    Specifications: Traditional copy-books are not meant for teaching left-handed children to write clearly.
    Our special writing aid allows lefties to develop beautiful handwriting.
    for preschool writing (over 3 years with a pencil) and over 6-7 years as a pen grip.
    1 pc per set.
    Thermoplastic Elastomer.
    Fits pens of standard thickness.

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