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Fine Motor Skill Toy Green Walking Elephant

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Unique pre-writing motor skill toy in an era of looking at screens and pressing buttons. Just put a child's fingers into the toy and move them a little, and the funny animal comes to life, ready to play.

This Walking Elephant comes alive with a slight movement of the hand. The set includes Fine Motor Hand Exercises, which makes kids’ hands stronger, and their writing faster.

This Preschool Learning tool is an animal operated by a child’s fingers. The Therapy and Correction Finger Toy involves all 5 fingers.

This finger toy improves fine motor skills and helps illustrate the art of theatre performance. The very flexible finger toy can walk, run, sit down on its rear legs, play football, raise different objects with its trunk, make a circle with its trunk, and perform many other tricks which the child can invent.

It is a Great Preschool tool in developing a child's imagination, thinking and figurative speech, improve manual dexterity. Builds fine and gross motor skills and corrects finger and hand grip.

Learning Fine Motor Finger Toy: Walking Elephant.

The Elephant Finger Toy is made of soft and flexible material, and easily fits the five fingers of either hand of the child.

Kids will teach the elephant to move and dance.

This playful exercise will assist in the development of both hands operating together, fine motor skills, hand coordination, and correct pencil grip.

Suitable for right-handed and left-handed children.

After the child plays for a few weeks with the finger trainer toy, you'll be surprised at how strong their hands have become, how quickly they write, and the stamina and dexterity with which complex tasks with small objects can be performed.

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