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Fine Motor Skill Toy - Walking Blue Elephant - Helping Hands Tool for Five Fingers

Fine Motor Skill Toy Walking Blue Elephant

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 Nowadays people spend a lot of time looking at screens and pressing buttons. Children lack live games in which they create stories themselves and move characters directly by holding them with their fingers.

The Funny Animal Theatre makes this possible. It is a true educational training toy. The characters of the children's theatre are lovely animals that come alive with the slight movement of the hand. Just put your child's fingers into the toy and move them a little, and the funny hero comes to life, ready to play.

Each funny animal has its own personality: they are called ''Toddlers''. Together with your child, they teach communication and proper behavior in different real situations!

Popular Finger Trainers are animals operated by fingers. They can walk and run. The funny animals are great assistants in illustrating the art of theatre performance. Theatre games with ''Toddlers'' create an emotionally uplifting experience, raise your child's vitality and helps them to develop their personality.

Funny animals are unique in developing a child's imagination, thinking, and figurative speech. All fingerplays to activate information processes and improve manual dexterity, which allows the child to control hand movements better!

Remember to try the fine motor skill games in free eBook that will be sent by email after your order.

Funny Animal Theatre Finger Toy: Baby Elephant. Put your fingers in the skill-trainer as shown in the picture. Now teach the baby elephant to move and dance.

This playful exercise will assist in the development of fine motor skills and hand coordination.
The unique finger toy can walk, run, sit down on its rear legs, play football, raise different objects with its trunk, make a circle with its trunk, and perform many other tricks which the child can invent.
Made of soft and flexible material, the Baby Elephant easily fits the five fingers of either hand of the child.
After the child plays for a few weeks with the finger trainer, you'll be surprised at how strong their hands have become, how quickly they write, and the stamina and dexterity with which complex tasks with small objects can be performed.

The Baby Elephant is a 3-in-1 game: an intelligent finger trainer, a tabletop game, and a travel game.

Recommended for children aged 3-7 (for right and left hand).
Our product is made of a gentler material developed by Swedish scientists: Thermoplastic Elastomer.
Size 3 ½ (L) x 1½ (H) x 2½ (W) inches.


The delivery to the other countries takes about 2 weeks by air post from Bulgarian stock.

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