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Wooden Math Dominoes with Numbers - Colored Dots - Double Six 28 Tiles

Wooden Math Dominoes with Numbers - Colored Dots - 28 pcs

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Domino of the most popular ancient games. Educational and easy to learn for children.

This classic dominoes set can also be used as a construction set, using the pieces as domino rally game or dominoes building blocks. The images on each piece do not wear off as they are applied directly to the wooden pieces using a silkscreen method.

There are 28 pieces in this dominoes set, each made of pine wood. The size of a tile is 2.75 x1.38x 0.4 inches (7x3.5x1 cm). Wooden dominos came in a jute sack.

Game rules should be followed for children 3 and above. It is an easy game for children of this age to learn.

Dominos game is a perfect way for a family to spend a fun evening together. Very useful when kids are learning math.

Dominoes game is believed to have originated in China in the 12th century.

Domino appeared in Italy in the early eighteenth century, and spread to the rest of Europe, becoming one of the most popular games in both family parlors and pubs alike.

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