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Musical Instruments for Kids

Small and light as a miniature xylophone, but NICELY-TUNED like a real percussion musical instrument. This metal 8-Note diatonic xylophone glockenspiel includes 2 plastic mallets and 12 song cards.20+ SONGS INCLUDED. The Xylophone includes sheet music adapted especially for small children, Your child can begin to play immediately, without any music knowledge.The kids' percussion instrument is stur..
This WELL-TUNED 15 note kids xylophone will be the best musical toy and musical instrument for your child.The metallophone includes universal sheet music cards with Letter-Coded Notation. Each Xylophone bar is labeled with the corresponding note. Your child will begin to play immediately. This perfect percussion musical instrument is the best way to develop an ear for music and rhythm. T..
The metallophone has 8 notes (a diatonic scale in the key of C), comes with 2 mallets, and has brightly colored metal keys.This baby xylophone comes with a wooden stand. Music/notes card set included.This little xylophone for children is a very sturdy musical percussion instrument for children - even a toddler cannot break it.Rainbow sturdy tuned oval xylophone for children with a wooden stand for..
The small-sized xylophone is only 9 inches long. It is real tuned musical instrument. Minimum age recommended: 3 years.Small-sized precision-tuned baby xylophone toy for your child. This percussion musical instrument for children develops not only the kid's ears but gross and fine motor skills.Color keys of this colorful musical toy xylophone for children make it easy to learn to play music. Studi..
Color C-C diatonic bell Set in a case with 2 orange mallets. Nicely-pitched long-lasting Sound.12 cards with sheet music for 22 songs help kids to begin to play by Letter or Color without any musical background.Tubular resonator bells work just like the well-known Glockenspiel Xylophone, but has much clearer sound. You will be really surprised.Great musical instrument for home, music studio or pre..
 Small-sized xylophone toy for children, well-tuned percussion musical instrument. Color keys of this rainbows xylophone make it easy to learn to play music. The musical instrument includes the color sheet music cards with 23 songs for this xylophone glockenspiel. Color-coded notes make it easy to play xylophone and for kids and adults who can’t read music.  This toy musical ins..