Super easy way to teach music!

Best way to get kids interested in playing music!

xylophones glockenspiels

Each Musical instrument is adapted for beginners, be they child or adult.

kalimba 10 note

Children or adults will play xylophone, kalimba, melodica without any musical knowledge.

melodica air piano note stickers

Begin to play right away!

melodica 32 key air piano

Let’s transform music lessons into a Fun Game!

mini color 8 note xylophone

Kids will have fun playing songs without any adult assistance.

mini xylophone for kids

Color-coded, Letter-coded, Picture-coded Sheet Music - the Easiest way to Learn Music!

The Easy-to-learn Sheet Music for kids is available separately.

sheet music for xylophone

Begin to play beautiful music while having a good time:

Musical Instruments and Sheet Music

educational music tool game-based learning

Fine Motor Skills Aids

Fine motor skills toys which prepare kids for handwriting and playing musical instruments.

Fine motor toys

The fine motor toys series has been created for preschoolers and elementary school children.

Its main task is to build kids' educational skills through play.

Here you will find fine motor skill game ideas which help you to create your own games or modify them for your child's needs.

Fine motor toys

Pencil Grips

Pre-Writing and pre-Music Playing educational tools.

Pencil Grips

Our pencil grips make your child's fingers hold the pencil (or pen) correctly without any effort.

The pencil grip is patented in Europe and recommended by Pediatric Occupational Therapists for teaching children 3-6 years old.

Pencil Grips

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