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Musical Instrument Set for Kids in a Bag with Xylophone and 14 Page Card Set - Percussion Set for Children

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This percussion musical set for kids includes 9 musical instruments (total of 12 pieces) adapted for preschoolers and aimed at developing musical and fine motor skills, body coordination, singing, dancing, and acting.

You receive with kids musical instrument set so an e-Book with The Three Little Pigs fairy tale with Musical Score written using the Orff music approach. Each event in this story is accompanied by kids music activity.

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Product description

The percussion musical toy set consists of
- Small Plastic Tambourine
- 2 Pairs of Shaking Eggs
- Pair of small Wooden Maracas
- 3 Bell Hand Rattle
- Wooden Sledge Rattle with 13 bells
- 2 pairs of Castanets
- Metal 4-inch Triangle
- Claterpillar Shaker
- Color Xylophone (Mini Glockenspiel) with 2 mallets

Remember to try the color-coded songs for kids in the free sheet music e-Book.

Free e-Book will be sent by email.

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Kids can create their own rhythm band, musically scoring the plot through banging, ringing and clapping the instruments (pandeiro, maracas, tambourine, musical triangle xylophone, etc).

Onomatopoeia develops children's creative imagination and musical ear and rhythm development. Kids can score this fairy tale using all of the musical instruments in the set.

Additionally, you receive a non-paper eBook with 15 pieces of sheet music color-coded songs and melodies, specially written for this mini glockenspiel xylophone and adapted for children.

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